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GOT = GetOverTobacco
70% of tobacco products users desire to quit; about half of them are looking for help in quitting tobacco use forever to take control of day-to-day living—clean and free of a nagging craving for nicotine. 
The method you find here has the earmarks of a successful venture.
How can you know what is an effective tobacco cessation method? 

Researchers have found that it should offer:
  • Individual, group, and telephone counseling --  Success increases with treatment intensity
    • Practical counseling—problem-solving skills/skills training
    • Social support
    • At least 2 weeks of active intervention (coached)
  • If a Rx is used, counseling should be combined with it—the more intense the more effective
  • Opportunity for reinforcement in the early maintenance stage of cessation
Taking Control – and the support of a mentor and the health care provider--fits that description . . . and it is free—and renewable—you can repeat it until you get it right!  Nicotine addiction is such a serious insidious public health problem that we have revised our marketing plan--it is free to the support group and free to the user. Instead, a donation procedure is designed on this site for users and sponsoring organizations to submit funds at will which are pledged to contribute toward the expenses of this site, revisions as needed to Taking Control, and getting the word out.
GetOverTobacco offers the program Taking Control where you don’t just quit tobacco, you start living! 
Taking Control is written and produced by a Nurse Educator and patterned after evidence-based practice in behavior change strategies that are successful in helping individuals gain the victory over addiction to nicotine.

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