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The Coaching Plan
“So,” you say, “what makes Taking Control any different from the many other approaches to tobacco cessation I see advertised?” . . . and there are nicotine-imbedded patches, gum, inhalers; group support programs, acupuncture and hypnotism. 

Taking Control uses a comprehensive approach to behavior change based in current known science that gives evidence of success. These are the features that, coupled together, have brought success to even life-long smokers:
  • Enrolling individuals like you who are ready to seriously consider commitment to the decision of quitting and to follow a program focused on empowering them‚Äč

  • Addressing lifestyle characteristics that support behavior changes about tobacco use and teaching replacement behaviors that are health promoting

  • Daily guidance during the most difficult period of cessation—the first 2 weeks

  • Offering structured social support during and thereafter tailored to the individual’s needs

  • Encouraging significant others in a partner role

  • Coupling this method with optional use of pharmaceutical aids prescribed by the primary healthcare provider

We call Taking Controlwholistic approach – responding to the needs of the whole person. And that includes employing strategies that promote physical health (exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, etc.), mental and emotional health (reached through physical health strategies just mentioned and confidence-building with empowerment measures), social health (aiding in developing mutual and supportive relationships among friends and family), and spiritual health (through building trust in the Creator God and strengthening of human relationships).

So, you have come to the right place, friend!  Let’s get started!  Choose your option . . .

Option 1 - Online
All daily coaching videos are viewed here on this site.  We encourage you to begin your day with these visits for optimal engagement toward your success.  
There are downloadable print guides to accompany the videos and instruct in lifestyle activities and strategies: Taking Control Guide, Partner Guide, Nutrition Guide.
Other supportive audio recordings may be downloaded.

Option 2 - Audio only
If you prefer to listen without aid of visual illustrations, you may download the daily audio coaching files along with the print materials mentioned above.  (The audio coaching files are also available on each day's page of Option 1, should those viewers need to alternate formats according to personal needs.) 



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