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"Let's Begin to Quit" -- A Workshop Design for Social Support You Can Do
Taking Control will provide tobacco cessation coaching through 14 days of encouraging instruction in lifestyle change
 using a wholistic approach for individuals while they are supported by a sponsoring group. It is a non-profit  ministry designed to engage church or helping organization members to aid tobacco users in quitting through the dedication of a willing and spiritually-dedicated heart. 
Training, promotion, and recruitment materials are provided here on this website.   
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The Church/Organization Support Program

“Let’s Begin to Quit

1.  We have prepared a curriculum to help churches and other Christian organizations organize and conduct supportive real-time, real-place meetings.  Leaders and mentors do not need to be highly skilled in tobacco cessation techniques; lay persons may learn to conduct support sessions in the workshop format
a.   The church(es) or helping group will organize to support individuals addicted to tobacco in various forms.  We suggest once the schedule is set for promotion of the “Let’s Begin to Quit” workshop, that the team conduct support meetings with new TC participants frequently at the start.  This can be based on the initial group decision of participants; however, typically, several weeks to months will be needed by most.  When the 2-week Taking Control intervention is completed, then continuing with support sessions on a less frequent pattern will provide a reliable resource for the community, reinforcement for those newly free of tobacco, and an opportunity for them to help others.

b.   The ingredients are:Lakeside friendship
  • hospitality
  • a caring, loving spirit
  • some general knowledge of the problems of addiction and effective interventions
  • knowledge of leading a discussion and facilitating constructive interaction
  • consistent and reliable scheduling and leadership
  • sensitivity to opportunities for introducing a spiritual dimension
2.  Churches or small groups should use the following means to recruit tobacco users to Taking Control and to inform the community of its support programming:
  • Emphasize 1:1, f2f invitations to an Introduction Session first and there give out the link to this site to committed participants in a contractual relationship.  Typically, tobacco users need specific structure to be successful; a general invitation that is non-personal is ineffective. 
  • Signage on church property.  Advertising in community media may take place once the community sees your group as a reliable resource for periodic workshops.
  • Interviews on radio and/or TV to inform the community of the resource and the particular approach of the intervention.
  • Information sharing by pastor to other Christian churches, the chaplaincy of local hospitals  
  • You may download the Invitation Cards on your resource page; complete their details by hand. 

Watch This Slideshow for ideas about the invitation process.

It is a PowerPoint show with voice-over;
 you will be asked to download it to your computer.

3.   A Social Design Suggestion for "Let’s Begin to Quit" Start-Up:
  1.  Schedule a Vegetarian Potluck meal and a motivating movie (there are some on YouTube) for participants.  Organize a support group from the attendees and reach consensus on a schedule of subsequent meetings.
  2. At or near the 14th day of Taking Control participation, plan a “graduation” ceremony to celebrate their victory on the 14th day.  A motivating video is available for this occasion on the website.
  3. Schedule a Celebration Banquet for the end of the 3rd month for those in the tobacco cessation program; highlight successes and reward them, encourage continuation with the support group. Those who struggle reaching success and contemplators of action are invited, this may motivate them to greater determinism and to Action—leading to participation in the next “Let’s Begin to Quit” with Taking Control.
  4. Family-centered activities that showcase positive relationships. 
  5. Regular exercise programs: walking, swimming, softball games, aerobics, etc.
If the meighborhood group/church/organization plans a balanced round of health promotion programs over time with regular scheduling and community advertising, the community will see a consistent resource for enjoying quality of life through behavior change.
How do the Sponsors and the Participants gain access to the Course?

Sponsoring organizations and their participants have free access to this website and the resources on it.  All we ask is that users send us feedback about its usefulness through the Contact Form.  After single users or groups use Taking Control satisfactorily, we request a donation for ongoing support. 

Your Sponsorship Resources

Enhancements to Your Workshop Support
Monitoring Quit State, Rewards, and Incentives (Ideas from your Community Resources)
To validate immediate and sustained tobacco-free status besides self-reporting, request participation of a health care provider (nurse, lab tech, respiratory therapist, physician) for biomedical screening (cotinine in urine, spirometry for lung function, CO testing).
Solicit free services from local businesses as rewards for those who succeed in cessation.
  • Massage session
  • Foot care
  • Dental hygiene visit
  • Auto detailing (interior cleaning)
  • Drinking water supply
Continued Lifestyle Adjustment/Modification with these excellent resources from health professional websites:
  • StepFast Lifestyle video series -- 12 monthly group sessions on heart disease, weight control, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, osteoporosis, and vegetarianism
  • The CHIP  program of health assessment and education
  • Neil Nedley’s Depression Recovery series
  • LivingSmart, a wellness system of tools to (1) help you track your wellness efforts, (2) plan your meals nutritiously within your select calorie range and manage your food-related tasks, (3) plan and maintain your activity/exercise regimen, (4) manage household tasks and personal appointments in a reminder system, (5) find information about healthful living in a library.

British documentary of 
tobacco trade . . . Addicted to Pleasure (58 mins)

What is the smoking rate in your state?  Go to CDC to get the Facts.

Some facts about Smoking and: Poverty, Impact on Illness, Working Adults

Teen-targeted motivating website:  www.thetruth.com 

The Health Professional's Perspective

How is This Comprehensive Ministry Supported?
A Donation - from the Sponsoring Organization  ($245 suggested)

While there is no fee at this website for participants of Taking Control, it is expected that churches and other organizations who sponsor them in a local community-based support group and mentoring effort will assist this program in the expenses of website maintenance, promotion, and revisions to the materials as needed.  This website will be available to your organization and those you mentor into a healthy lifestyle indefinitely to aid you in your outreach mission as you need it.  We ask you to think of Get Over Tobacco and the maintenance needs each time you use this resource.  Taking Control is a product of the non-profit company FrameWork Health, Inc. (registered in Tennessee).

If you sponsor the 14 daily viewings for individuals who do not have access to the internet or who prefer meeting in a group with your mentor, print out the guides for them.

Click on the button below to make your donation anytime at PayPal. You will then be redirected back to this website.
Thank you for your engagement in this initiative to aid individuals in your community through organized support toward optimal health!

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